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How Long Does My Injury         PTSD is Covered          Qualified Rehabilitation 
       File Stay Open?                Under MN PERA                   Consultant


        Applying for a             What is a Deposition?        What is the Value of 
      Police & Fire Plan                                             My Workers Comp Claim?
PERA Duty Disability Benefit


    Independent Medical        Switching Work Comp         When Should I File 
              Exam                       Attorney in MN                    A Claim? 


    When Should I Hire           When Should I Hire          Choosing the Right  
    an Attorney? (Part l)        an Attorney? (Part ll)                 Doctor


  How to Calculate Duty        First Report of Injury     Health Care Continuation  


     Minnesota Workers'             What is PTSD?  
   Compensation: Wage
         Loss Benefits  



             Terri B.                           Keith L.                      Dr. Richard O. 


    Floyd W. Firefighter                  Richard S.                  Ted V. Firefighter


                                           Jake L. Firefighter


Client Testimonials

Since 1990, Meuser Law Office has been helping injured people throughout Minnesota obtain the best possible results for their claims. Our reputation rests on the satisfaction of our clients. Hear what several recent clients and professionals in the medical community have to say about their experience.

Written Testimonials

“Thank you for all the work you put into my case. It was much easier to go through this process with people I knew I could trust and that I knew had my best interest in mind! Thank you!”

— Angie & Tony G.

“I appreciate all your hard work that has gone into my case! You guys did a great job. Thanks!”

— Jen H.

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, and continue to do. You are such wonderful, caring people, the world is a better place.”

— Pat N.

“Thank you all! There is NO doubt that without everyone from Meuser Law Office our standard of living would have changed dramatically. The personal service we received gave us the legal and rightful benefits expected. Their hard work allowed us to continue living the same lifestyle we had before the injury. We could never express how much you have done for us.”

— Ken & Lisa B.

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