Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)

I am often asked What is an IME? An IME is an independent medical evaluation. It’s an evaluation (also referenced as an examination) by the employer and the insurer’s medical expert to assess your injuries.

Often times people think an independent medical examination is truly independent, but that is not the case. An independent medical examination is an adverse examination. It is an examination bought for and paid by the employer and the insurer. It is important to remember that the medical examiner does not have a patient relationship with you, and is there for the purpose of evaluating your claim.

When you receive notice that you are scheduled for an independent medical examination, it is important to remember that you need to show up on time, and that you do not miss your independent medical examination. If you miss your appointment, the employer and insurer may have the ability to suspend your work comp benefits, so it’s imperative that you attend on time.

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