A Minnesota police officer injured in the line of duty who filed PERA Duty Disability, Healthcare Continuation and Workers’ Compensation claims

Without question this has been the most trying time of my life, and it’s a little weird to think that my attorney got me through it, but you really did! I’m so damn grateful for everything you’ve done and all the work you’ve put in. You also probably talked me off the ledge a couple times. I didn’t know what to expect going into this. All I know is that I’m grateful to you and Meuser Law for everything you’ve done and continue to do. Thank you for your honesty, integrity, wittiness, intelligence, professionalism, promptness, compassion, and hard work. I greatly appreciate all you’ve done.

Please also thank Ron, Hannah, and anyone else at your office that played a part. Feel free to forward. Thanks again. God bless and have a good Thanksgiving.