I got a letter from the workers’ compensation insurance company scheduling me for an independent medical examination (IME). What does this mean?

The insurance company has scheduled you to be examined by a doctor hired by them. You generally do have to attend this appointment. This doctor will issue an opinion regarding the cause of your injury, the extent of your injury, your work restrictions, the date you reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), the extent of your permanent partial disability, and the reasonableness and necessity of your medical care.

These examinations are anything but “independent,” and with rare exception, the doctor’s opinion will give the insurance company a basis to dispute your claim. If you’ve been scheduled for an IME, you can be virtually certain that the insurance company is gearing up to fight your claim. If you do not already have an attorney, you should very seriously consider retaining one if you’ve been scheduled for an IME. We will help you fight back and ensure your rights are protected.