My insurance company has scheduled me for an independent medical examination (IME). Do I have to go?

As a rule, yes, you do have to attend. The insurance company has the right to request that you be examined by a doctor of their choosing. These so-called independent medical examinations are, however, anything but independent. After your exam, the doctor will provide an “expert” opinion to your insurance company regarding the nature and extent of your injuries and the reasonableness and necessity of any medical care or treatment. After your insurer receives this report, they will send you a letter advising you that your no-fault benefits are being discontinued. In the vast majority of cases, this report will say that you are fully recovered, that your ongoing symptoms are due to a pre-existing condition, or that you weren’t injured at all. Once your insurance company has discontinued your no-fault benefits, your attorney can file a Petition for No-Fault Arbitration to dispute the discontinuance.