Since 1990, Meuser, Yackley & Rowland, P.A. has been helping injured people throughout Minnesota obtain the best possible results for their claims. Our reputation rests on the satisfaction of our clients. Hear what several recent clients and professionals in the medical community have to say about their experience.

Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

“Meuser, Yackley & Rowland helped me out immensely when I was forced to retire early from the police department.
I had nearly lost all hope that I would ever be able to live like a normal person again until I walked into their offices. Jennifer Yackley is an extremely accomplished and diligent attorney. She was attached to my case from day 1 and never once neglected it or made me feel like I was just another number. I am extremely grateful for her tireless work and effort to get my case resolved appropriately.
PTSD and law enforcement are rapidly becoming symbiotic, as local governments and activists continue to harangue the officers themselves as being responsible for nearly all problems that their decades-old policies have created. This pressure is immense. When you compound this constant pressure with the legitimately traumatizing incidents that police often incur on the job, you have a recipe for disaster. Meuser, Yackley & Rowland are an absolute godsend during moments of professional turmoil such as this. I cannot recommend them enough, or thank them enough for the help and hope they have given me. “
MPD 2001-2018

“I couldn’t have asked for a better team to assist me through a very stressful time. Lindsey and her associates were incredibly responsive, helpful, attentive and caring throughout. Lindsey was always there, had all the answers to my questions and thoroughly provided me and my wife with all the information. No matter the question, time of day or day of the week she was always there. Very professional, dedicated and the carries the highest integrity sums up Ms. Rowland, Mr. Meuser and the team. You’re in great company with them all.”
— Bill R

“Jen Yackley handled my PERA case with the utmost professionalism. Jen has great communication skills and she has a very strong perseverance when it came to litigating my case head-on. I highly recommend Jen for your specialized legal needs.”
— DK

“Meuser Law Office (Ron Meuser himself) handled my case. Ron was straight with no fluffy BS, he tells it as it is and that was exactly what I was looking for. Ron talked to me like an adult not an attorney looking to simply milk you for hours and make money off you.

When the employer started to play games with me, Ron wastes no time and corrected their behavior by sending a letter outlining legal standards, practices, and employment law the employer was in violation of. The games stopped and they knew Ron was not messing around.”
— Ron Dietz

“Thank you for all the work you put into my case. It was much easier to go through this process with people I knew I could trust and that I knew had my best interest in mind! Thank you!”
— Angie & Tony G.

“I want to thank Ron & everyone involved for your time & effort for helping me recieve my PERA pension. I am very pleased to have Meuser Law Office represent me. Thank you all very much!”
— William M.

“I appreciate all your hard work that has gone into my case! You guys did a great job. Thanks!”
— Jen H.

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, and continue to do. You are such wonderful, caring people, the world is a better place.”
— Pat N.

“Thank you all! There is NO doubt that without everyone from Meuser Law Office our standard of living would have changed dramatically. The personal service we received gave us the legal and rightful benefits expected. Their hard work allowed us to continue living the same lifestyle we had before the injury. We could never express how much you have done for us.”
— Ken & Lisa B.

“Without question this has been the most trying time of my life, and it’s a little weird to think that my attorney got me through it, but you really did! I’m so damn grateful for everything you’ve done and all the work you’ve put in. You also probably talked me off the ledge a couple times. I didn’t know what to expect going into this. All I know is that I’m grateful to you and Meuser Law for everything you’ve done and continue to do. Thank you for your honesty, integrity, wittiness, intelligence, professionalism, promptness, compassion, and hard work. I greatly appreciate all you’ve done.

Please also thank Ron, Hannah, and anyone else at your office that played a part. Feel free to forward. Thanks again. God bless and have a good Thanksgiving.”
— A Minnesota police officer injured in the line of duty who filed PERA Duty Disability, Healthcare Continuation and Workers’ Compensation claims.

“It’s Thanksgiving week and I’ve always been brought up to reflect on what I’m grateful for and to give thanks to God. I still try hard to do that regularly. As you (my attorney) know, I was as close as one can get to essentially losing everything including my home. It was a process, but I trusted you and your office and God that things would work out. They really have turned around and words cannot express how grateful I really am. The money began flowing exactly when it HAD to. My bills are now paid, my credit is rebuilding and most importantly my sanity and PEACE has been restored. Man I love being at peace again!”

“Incredible group of attorneys. They give it to ya straight. I would trust them to represent me on anything.”
— Don S.