Contingency Fees in a Worker’s Compensation Claim

Lindsey Rowland looks into the camera and speaks.

All work comp attorneys in the state of Minnesota are paid in the same way. Workers’ compensation fees in the state of Minnesota are what’s called contingency fees. That means attorneys are only paid if they help you recover benefits. If you don’t recover benefits, the attorney doesn’t get paid.

If the attorney does help you recover benefits, the attorney gets 20 percent of any benefits recovered. It’s also important to remember that the attorneys only get paid if or when there a dispute about your claim. If your claim is admitted and you’re receiving ongoing benefits and there is no dispute, then no attorney’s fees will be paid.

Another important thing to remember is that all workers’ compensation attorneys in the state of Minnesota are subject to the same rules regarding the attorney’s fees. So, whether you hire us or an attorney down the street, the attorney’s fees will be exactly the same. So, why not hire the best!

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