Meet a Coon Rapids Fire Captain Whose Life Changed While In The Line Of Duty

Meuser Law Office, P.A. is honored to have represented Ken Boelter, a Fire Captain in Coon Rapids for 16 years. On a beautiful fall day, Ken and his crew were called to action when a house fire broke out. On this day, Ken had taken command of the situation while the crew was fighting the fire. Since he was the instant commander, Ken did not have an air pack on and was inhaling a lot of smoke.
Because of the smoke inhalation he found himself wandering around the fire scene and did not realize at the time he was having a stroke. Meet Ken and his wife Lisa and listen to Ken tell his incredible story about the day his life changed while taking command of a crew of firefighters battling a house fire.

While still paralyzed from the stroke, Ken received a phone call from the work comp insurance company telling him his benefits were being denied. At this time Ken knew he needed to find an experienced attorney to represent him. During the initial phone call with Jen Yackley of Meuser Law Office, P.A., Ken realized they are very knowledgeable in Minnesota PERA police and fire and workers’ compensation law. Meuser Law helped Ken secure his Minnesota PERA line of duty and workers’ compensation benefits and made sure Ken found a job in emergency management so he can continue to work and support his family.

Meuser Law Office, P.A. has represented hundreds of police officers, firefighters, state troopers, and paramedics and we understand the dangers they face each day they put on their uniform. The courage that is demonstrated by these men and women who have chosen to risk their lives in order to serve and protect our citizens can never be fully appreciated. If you have been injured while in the line of duty and want to ensure you receive the benefits you are due, call Meuser Law Office, P.A. today for a free no-obligation consultation.