The Timeline to Expect When a PERA Claim is Filed

Ron Meuser looks intently at the camera.

Once you decide to file for PERA Duty Disability, the next question that is frequently asked is How long is this going to take? The reason for that question is obvious. We all have expenses that need to be paid. We have mortgages, we have rent, we have kids, we have college, we have bills to pay. The concern is how long will I have to go, potentially, without income.


Now obviously there are many facets to that and oftentimes you will receive benefits, such as workers’ compensation benefits, short-term or long-term disability, and other interim benefits that may help you survive financially while your PERA claim is processing. By the time you come into our office, as a general rule, it will take approximately six months for us to gather your medical records, procure what is called the medic reports required by PERA, to prepare what is called the statement of the case, and submit the application.

That first process typically will take roughly four months. It then takes PERA approximately two months from the date that you apply to ultimately accept your claim and initiate payments. So, all told, from the time that you make that decision to proceed forward, you can expect that it will take you approximately six months. During that 6-month period, it is our job at Meuser, Yackley and Rowland, P.A., to ensure that you have other cash flow if it’s available. Like I said we’ll look at workers’ compensation, short term or long-term disability. You may seek to use vacation time, personal leave, sick time, etc.  Anything that we can do, because one of the goals is we need to make sure that you have cash flow until such time as the PERA benefits kicks in. Also remember that if you have been off work, PERA will go back retroactively for up to 90 days. Again, we are looking to find ways to get you those benefits as soon as possible.

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