What is the Value of My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Clients often want to know what’s the value of my workers’ compensation claim? To determine this value, we look at what has the client already been paid. Have those past wage loss benefits been correctly calculated? Is the employer using the right average weekly wage (AWW)?
We also look at what can the employee be expected to be paid, so we want to know if they are going to work somewhere else at a lower wage as compared to where they were working before. We also need to know if have they received the PPD, or Permanent Partial Disability benefit?

We also look at some soft factors, such as:

  • Is the employee credible?
  • Are they likable?
  • Would a judge believe their story?
  • Are they cooperating with the QRC, or Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant?
  • Are they doing a diligent job search?
  • Is there surveillance of them doing something that’s not within their restrictions?

So we also include those soft factors into our hard analysis when determining the value of your workers’ compensation claim.

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