What to Expect in the Confidential Consultation Process

One question I want to address today is what is the process like when you come in to consult with myself or another attorney at Meuser, Yackley & Rowland if you are a police officer or firefighter or other first responder that is concerned that they may be experiencing symptoms consistent with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I have heard from clients over the years many times that they considered calling me and it took them months to gather the courage to do so. For what it’s worth I want to assure you that my goal at the end of a consultation with an individual that is concerned about symptoms consistent with PTSD my goal is to try to give you some reassurance that things are going to be OK. That is the only objective I have during those initial consultations.

What does that look like? A meeting with me or another attorney in our office is completely, 100% confidential. Your employer is not going to know about it, colleagues are not going to know about it. If you choose to bring a spouse or a family member that is totally fine. If not, they are not going to know about it. It is 100% confidential.

We will walk through what your potential rights are under both the Duty Disability laws under PERA as well as workers’ compensation and we’re not going to require you to sit and tell us about the worst days of your career. We’re not going to ask about your traumas. We’re not going to make you go through that. We are very cognizant of the fact that it is extremely difficult for law enforcement and firefighters to discuss these things, and we don’t ask you to.

Ultimately, the goal of meeting with someone who is experiencing symptoms consistent with post-traumatic stress disorder for the first time is frankly, to provide information to that individual, give them some guidance as far as what rights they may have in the event they are diagnosed with PTSD, develop a game plan if appropriate, and most importantly, to provide assurances that seeking mental health care for someone that is struggling does not have to mean the end of their career. It does not have to mean that everyone knows about it. It means getting on the track to getting better and improving quality of life amongst other things. But it also means providing assurances from a financial standpoint you’re going to be OK.

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