September is Suicide Awareness Month

A man sits on a bench with his dog in front of a thin blue line American flag.

Forward by Ron Meuser, Jr.

Jen Yackley and I originally met with Dana (who wrote the story below), her husband Ed and his service dog Rex to hear their story and learn how I can help. They founded an organization called Soldier’s 6 whose mission is to provide honorably discharged veterans, police officers, and firefighters with specially trained K-9 dogs. The support they provide these brave individuals is nothing short of amazing and, unfortunately, very much needed. We hear from our police officer and firefighter clients with PTSD that the suffering doesn’t end when the job is over and many don’t want the job to end. Dana and Ed’s story is very real, heartbreaking, and a reminder that we must be continuously supportive in any way we can. Please join Meuser, Yackley & Rowland, P.A. in supporting this worthy organization by going to

September is here and in our house it’s more than just back to school. September is Suicide Awareness Month. But in all reality, every day of our lives is about bringing awareness of PTSD and suicide prevention to the forefront of discussion. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about what could have been for Ed and where he is now. I do believe that he will never be 100% ok, but with the foundation he has built from his rock bottom, it will be enough to sustain him on his dark days .

Creating Soldiers 6 was a great thing for Ed. It gave him a purpose and filled a void in his life that retirement brought. Not that he doesn’t enjoy being done, especially now, but if you know Ed, he is never one to sit still. This also will bring peace to so many that suffer mentally and emotionally from the scars in their hearts and minds.

Please take time to educate yourself about suicide awareness. So many of the signs were there for Ed, that even his partners that he worked with daily missed and I was too naïve to ever think it would be my husband. Always reach out. Those who need it are the last to ask for the help. They have an overactive mind that fuels their destructive behavior. They have no self-worth. Mix that with seclusion and alcohol and the outcome may not be good.

It’s not just military and police officers that suffer. PTSD comes in many forms and all walks of life and no one is immune to suicide. Those thoughts creep up and for some, suicide isn’t a choice, but their only option to end the pain. Ed still has days, sometimes even weeks that he struggles. Thankfully, they are few and far between. Call someone today and reach out. It may help save a life, or get them on the path to recovery.

I can attribute a large part of Ed’s recovery to Rex and Dez. What they have provided Ed with is priceless. I am proud of him for overcoming his demons enough to know he needed help and has turned his recovery into helping others. Please do your part in helping others and bringing awareness to this horrible killer. If you are a police officer, military veteran, firefighter, correctional officer, 911 dispatcher, and or paramedic that could benefit from a service dog or even just a well-trained obedient buddy at home, message me. We would love to help you out. #evenheroesneedbackup