Applying for PERA Duty Disability

When you are applying for a Police Officer and Firefighter Plan PERA Duty Disability benefit, it is important to know that there are some very complicated rules that apply. If your attorney is not aware of some of these rules, it can cost you significant amounts of money. For example, there is what we call the 2-year Rule. What that means is if your injury pre-dated your application by more than 2 years, you have additional criteria that you need to demonstrate in order to be approved for a PERA Police and Fire Plan Duty Disability.

You need to show that the injury prevents you not only performing your normal duties as a police officer or firefighter, but you also need to demonstrate that you cannot perform the duties that you were expected to perform in the last 90 days you worked. Where this typically becomes an issue is if you are working for an employer that offers long-term light duty. And in fact there are a number of employers that purportedly offer permanent light duty. In fact, Minneapolis and St. Paul very frequently attempt to offer some form of light duty which can make your application much more complicated.

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