Meuser Law Office, P.A. is a proud sponsor of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis

The Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis is the largest non-affiliated law enforcement union in the state of Minnesota, with over 900 active members. Ron Meuser and the attorneys of Meuser Law Office, P.A. look forward to working closely with a Federation which operates with the goal of working towards a safer, more livable city and continually improving the working conditions as well as making sure the rights are protected for the police officers who work in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis has represented police officers who are employed by the city of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, from the new Academy graduates all the way to the rank of Captain. Since 1972 the Federation has served its members in the traditional role of negotiating and enforcing the collective bargaining agreement as well as critical incidents, investigations of officers conducted under the Police Officer’s Bill of Rights, and lobbying to advance the public policy interests of members at the local, state and federal levels.

Lt. Bob Kroll, President of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis had this to say about the sponsorship: “We really appreciate Meuser Law Office sponsoring our organization. We look forward to introducing them to our members and sharing their information that will assist police officers, should they become injured in the line of duty. Given their longevity and expertise, we believe they’ll be a valuable resource for the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis.” Ron Meuser and his team also look forward to assisting Lt. Kroll and the members of his Federation and getting to know them better by attending events like their annual Minneapolis Police Federation Charities, Inc. Golf Tournament next summer.

Established in 1990, Meuser Law Office, P.A. is recognized as one of the top law firms in Minnesota dedicated exclusively to the integrated practice of workers’ compensationPERA/MSRS disability, and personal injury law. With over 30 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Meuser Law Office have the depth of knowledge in these often closely-tied areas of law representing Minnesota’s police officers to ensure that their interests are fully protected. The attorneys at Meuser Law Office will share some of their knowledge with the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis by posting blog articles on their website Read a larger sampling of articles at

Meuser Law Office, P.A. is one of the few workers’ compensation law firms in the state of Minnesota that also handles PERA and MSRS disability claims. We’ve successfully represented hundreds of Minnesota’s first responders, including police officers throughout the state for both workers’ compensation and PERA/MSRS disability claims. Unlike other local law firms that only focus on one area or the other, the attorneys at Meuser Law Office, P.A. will handle your case with a full understanding of all three areas and how they interrelate so you can be assured you will receive every benefit and all the compensation you are entitled under the law. Sitting down with us for a consultation to learn more about your potential claims is a lot like financial planning. We can explain what rights you have and make recommendations to you in terms of how to best protect your rights to those benefits. The knowledgeable attorneys at Meuser Law Office, P.A. can help make the process easier to navigate. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation by calling 1-877-746-5680.